Mono chromatic.

If you haven’t already been able to tell, I have a mild obsession with denim. It’s pretty fascinating to me how denim can be changed so many ways, allowing the widely used fabric to stand out in the crowd (even if the entire crowd is wearing it). Combine denim’s versatility with the fact that it’s my favorite color (blue), and “ding ding” we have a winner for Wells’s wardrobe.

I wanted this look to feel retro, but of course hip at the same time. I opted for frayed, high wasted shorts (where haven’t you seen this trend this summer?), an oversized dress-shirt with gorgeous belled-sleeves, some vintage sunnies, gold bling, and my favorites: penny loafers. Call me crazy, but I’ve adored this style of shoe since watching the Nancy Drew movie with Emma Roberts… I had an obsession then and still do now.

Shirt: Rebecca Thomas (vintage); Shorts: Arizona; Penny Loafers: Crown Vintage; Sunglasses: Garage Sale; Necklace: Emily Charles Designs; Nails: Irina by Adesse.


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