Shabby Chic.

I could say that this shoot was a wonderful experience full of frolicking on my family’s farm enjoying the serene surroundings, but I’m not trying to make Frayed Edges full of fluff. Y’all. This shoot was HOT. I mean it was late July in south Georgia, so this was to be expected. But, I did not expect to take 5 minute breaks in my air conditioned car to prevent sweating through all of my makeup!

Regardless, the shoot was everything I’d hoped for it to be. The “shabby-chic” look has always been a favorite of mine, which was what I was trying to accomplish here. I wanted to juxtapose my agrarian surroundings + cutoff shorts with my sheer, embroidered shirt and dainty necklaces. I also tried to have some soft waves in my hair to complete the look. Unfortunately, the humidity got the best of them making my hair stick straight by the end of the shoot.

Despite the casualty of my curls, I’m very happy with how everything turned out. Even driving through the endless pecan trees and fields on the way to our farm made me happy. I don’t know why I have such an affection for farms and grasslands, but I definitely swoon whenever I see pastures rolling as far as the eye can see. Maybe it’s because that’s basically non existent in Atlanta, or maybe my true calling is to own a small farm in the middle of nowhere… nope, scratch that- definitely not my true calling. But, for now, I’ll continue dreaming about those beautiful farms where the grass is most definitely greener.


The Fourth.

The Fourth of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It’s a holiday that doesn’t focus on superficial things like gifts, or candy, but actual celebration with friends and family. And, maybe it’s just me, but everything just seems happier on the fourth. The sun is shining, the grill is going, and the flag proudly waving.

Now, that being said, my family doesn’t really go all out on the fourth. However, my “Fourth of July Fantasy” has always been to have a huge BBQ party out in a field with hundreds of people. I’d also include a grand table that could seat everyone for dinner and string lights twinkling above us. Of course the evening would include fireworks and sparklers as well. And at this patriotic picnic I’d wear what’s pictured below!


Alas, it’s the final post about Greece. And believe me, I saved the best for last.

Hydra is a remote Greek island only reached by boat. It has no cars or automated transportation, so if you want to get from one side of the island to the other, you have to take a horse, donkey, or walk!

Well, I guess there was ONE car in Hydra…

Only Car In Hydra
Only Car In Hydra

Hydra is so magical because of this… I felt like I was on a movie set, or in a made up world. Everything was quaint, authentic, and nothing like I’d ever seen before.

Hydra Local

“Downtown Hydra,” so to speak, is by the port. That’s where you’ll find cute shops, great food, and the most hustle and bustle on the island.

Hydra also has amazing flowers. If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for a good bloom, so you can imagine I was swooning my entire stay.

In order to explore more of the northern, undeveloped parts of the island, my family decided to go horseback riding. This was so incredible, and I was happy that I got to experience the contrast between Hydra’s “city” surrounding the port, and Hydra’s “country” that lies above.


After our ride, we ate lunch at a cute, sea-side restaurant. Then we wandered some more along the coast. It was somewhat painful to do this, because all I wanted to do was jump in the beautiful, crystal clear water.

But, we were leaving that afternoon and we had to save time for… BAKLAVA!

Once our plates were licked clean of any remaining crumbs, we hopped on our boat to take us back to Athens. The next day we began our voyage back to Atlanta. It was bittersweet… I was so sad to leave Greece, a place full of character and charm, but I was happy to come home. I hope I’m one day lucky enough to return to the Greek Isles, but I sure am thankful for the time I got to spend there this summer.

Santorini Pt.2

After two nights in Oia, my family and I packed our bags and headed to Firostefani, another town on the island of Santorini.

For those interested, the progression of major towns along the caldera are Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, and finally Fira. Several miles separate Oia and Imerovigli, but the rest of the towns following are relatively close. Imerovigli sits on the highest point of the caldera, and Firostefani is literally just down the beaten path. In greek, “stefani” means crown, which is how Firostefani got it’s name… the town is Fira’s “crown” because it sits right on top of it.

View of Fira
The view of Fira from the path up to Firostefani

Ok, enough with the geography, Wells. Day three consisted of a tour of Santorini, ending in Firostefani. Our lovely tour guide, George, took us to so many local gems that were along the caldera but also inland. I enjoyed this because he showed us authentic parts of Santorini: old villages, roadside wineries, hidden churches, you name it. After being in tourist-laden Oia, it was nice to see Santorini through a native’s eyes.

I also got to meet a very friendly donkey… so friendly that he started to eat my shirt!

That day was so spectacular. I never stopped smiling… as captured by the photo below!

Staying in Firostefani was great because the majority of the people staying on that side of the island stay in Fira, the capital of Santorini. It was nice to walk about 10 minutes to Fira but leave that hustle and bustle when we returned to our hotel. That being said, Fira is great. On Day 4 my family spent the entire day there shopping, eating, and picture-taking. What more could you want?

Day in Fira
That’s Fira behind me!

Our eyes were blessed with a beautiful sunset every evening in Santorini… a perfect ending to perfect days. It was hard to leave the island, but our next stop was Hydra- an island with no cars or automated transportation. Therefore, we definitely had something to look forward to!


How does one begin writing about an adventure of a lifetime filled with beauty that can’t be captured by camera, relationships that won’t be forgotten, and such glorious bread that leaves taste buds forever changed? I personally don’t know the best way, but it seems as though I’ve got a start.

Oia, zoomed out

I’ve wanted to go to Greece for as long as I can remember. The obsession began in first grade when I learned about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and it continued to grow as I got older. So, you can imagine my excitement when my parents gifted me this trip as a graduation present.

We started in Athens, and while I enjoyed the area of Athens in which our hotel was located, other parts of the city weren’t my favorite. I’m also not a huge history buff, so seeing the various ruins wasn’t as fulfilling as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, I was still amazed by the fact that I was looking at something that was on this earth before Christ… wild.

Therefore, I’m choosing not to post about Athens and cut straight to the meat and potatoes: Santorini.

Santorini is one of the many Greek Isles on the caldera known for its picturesque views, rocky terrain, and of course, donkeys. Santorini is also known for it’s unique architecture, the crux of my obsession for this place. Due to the light paint and soft curves of the buildings, everything looks clean and pretty. Not to mention these structures contrasted with the electric-blue Aegean Sea in the background… definitely a winner in my book.


The first half of our “Santorini Leg” of the trip my family stayed in Oia. This little city/ village (not quite sure on the correct terminology here) is on the eastern side of the island, and is one of the more “touristy” sections of Santorini. Therefore, exploring required quick maneuvers around huddles of people and fast walking speeds in order to “beat the crowd” from place to place.

Because we weren’t doing anything too intensive (except, I could argue the stairs in Santorini as a whole are a serious workout… I broke a sweat simply looking at them), I kept my outfits light, comfortable, and cute. The weather was also uncharacteristically cold, windy, and rainy (what a combo) for this time of year, so my single pair of “just-in-case jeans” were worn almost every day the entire trip.

But this Karlie dress did make a cameo! I love the embroidery on it and how easy it was to wear. I barely had to accessorize it (except I did throw on my Bugs), and I felt like the shape of the dress was super flattering.

Karlie Dress in Oia
(linen + folding = not the best combo)

Thankfully the sun made frequent appearances, allowing much needed R&R each afternoon in Oia.


One of my most favorite things we did this portion of the trip was hike from Fira back to Oia. It took about 3 hours to hike one way from one town to the other, and it wasn’t all easy (see picture below of me STRUGGLING up one of the many hills) but it was so rewarding and beyond beautiful. I was so happy to learn more about the caldera side of the island through hiking it.

But, after 2 nights, it was time to leave Oia and go to Fira!

Seeya, Oia!


Denim n’ Daisies.

This past February I got the opportunity to go to Paris with my school. I had the intention to blog about my Parisian ensembles, or any street style that caught my eye, but our busy schedule just didn’t allow for me to take snaps worthy enough for Frayed Edges. While I didn’t bring any outfit photos back from Paris, I did manage to purchase these rockin’ jeans as a souvenir. All week I had been shopping for the perfect piece of clothing to purchase in order to commemorate the trip. It was frustrating when I didn’t have luck at the various Parisian shops (my friends can concur), but on the last day I found this trendy pair of denim… at Zara! Sure, these pants aren’t exclusive to Paris, but I still smile at the sight of them because they remind me of my fabulous week in France.

To stay on trend, I paired my embroidered jeans with a one-shoulder white ruffle top by Karlie Clothes (I hear that’s the next craze, rather than a totally off-the-shoulder top), red, beaded ball drop earrings, and my red platform espadrilles. In my opinion, this is the perfect spring outfit. The jeans provide enough warmth to sustain a chilly breeze, but the various pops of color set it apart from any fall/winter ensemble.

Like A Kloss.

To say I have an obsession with Karlie Kloss would be an understatement. For years I’ve kept up with her by reading articles, watching YouTube videos, listening to interviews, you name it. To me, she’s not just a fashion model- she’s a role model. She uses her fame for good by promoting awareness for causes she believes in and even started her own organization, Kode With Klossy, to teach young girls how to code. She breaks the model stereotype by expressing her intellect rather than accepting her role as a human hanger (something many models cannot do despite having the desire). Lastly, she’s a good person. As much as I hate to say it, Karlie and I aren’t BFFs, so I really have no proof on which to base my previous statement. Regardless, I’ve never seen any bad press about her AND she’s friends with my other celebrity idol, Taylor Swift. I’d say that’s proof enough.

So, when one of my besties gave me this “Like A Kloss” t-shirt for my birthday, I was in shock. I’m actually still dumbfounded that paramedics weren’t called when I opened this gift because I was just that excited… and still am!

Graphic T’s have been very trendy lately, and I always enjoy seeing how people style them. Whether they’re tucked into a tulle skirt or paired with some boyfriend jeans, these T’s add a fun spritz of self expression into any ensemble. I decided to pair mine with a motorcycle jacket, classic skinnies, and strappy stilettos. Straight up, this is something I’d never wear in real life. But I wanted to create a fun outfit with pieces from my closet and I’d like to think I succeeded. Hopefully you thought so too!

January Blooms.

This is my dream shirt. The colors, the embroidery, the cut, I love it all! I also can seriously appreciate the detail because if I tried to stitch this I’d maybe have a wearable shirt about a year after I first began stitching, plus thousands of needle pricks on my fingers.

Anyways, I think this is a great piece. But, I’m pretty biased. I truly am a sucker for any embroidery because it’s such a cool trend, and I hope it sticks around for a while.

I also hope this warm weather sticks around!! 70 degrees in January? Cra-zi-ness. But, these temps allow for more festive outfits rather than just plain chunky sweaters, so I’m givin thanks to Mother Nature.

I styled the shirt with my DIY distressed jeans, black booties, and some loose waves. I think it’s a great outfit for a dinner with friends or a night out on the town.

Golden Hour.

Typically, these blog posts come fairly easy to me. I’ll brainstorm ideas before I go to sleep, and by the time I wake up I have a clear vision of what I want to shoot. Then, my mom and I go out, take photos, come home, and I’ll publish my post.

Well, not today. Everything started out the same- my vision of what I wanted my outfit to be and where I wanted to go was clear. However, those plans were decimated when we arrived at my planned shooting location (I’ll keep it secret so maybe I can use it again in the future). IT WAS PACKED. And when I say packed, I mean it! There was no way my mom could get a clear shot of my outfit from any angle in that room. So we left and found some other locations that were sufficient enough. Am I still a little salty? Yes. But, am I pleasantly surprised with how our makeshift photos turned out? Extremely! The images really capture the soft lighting I had envisioned and also have a retro feel, if I say so myself.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity I had today to explore some hidden gems in ATL. For example, the photo of me sipping tea was shot at ZenTea in Chamblee. It was a lovely place and I definitely want to go back. It’s uncommon to find such a mellow atmosphere in our hustle and bustle city, and I plan to take full advantage of it in the future.

So, most recently, I’ve been obsessed with The Man In The High Castle. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you need to purchase it ASAP because this show is an extreme “must-watch.” Basically, the show’s about what 1960s America would be like if the U.S. lost WWII, the result being Japan and Nazi Germany splitting power over North America. There’s also a bit of romance, and of course action, that accompanies the deeper storylines that I won’t go into… you’ll just have to watch it for yourself!

Anyways, the female lead, Juliana, was a definite inspiration for my outfit. Her go-to is a high pony with a plain shirt and cigarette pants. For shoes, she wears my favorites: penny loafers. I tried to update this look to the 21st century by replacing her cigarette pants with some moderately distressed skinny jeans. And who couldn’t notice those giant bugs on my ears! Juliana for sure didn’t wear these, but I love them. I got my little friends from Santa after seeing some really cool girls (wink, wink) wear them in Athens. Ever since December 25th, they haven’t left my ears! I’ve found they’re a real conversation piece (I mean, it’s not often you see someone wearing gold cicadas dangling from their ears), and I feel I will continue to venture out into the “statement jewelry scene.”

If you’ve made it to the end, I’m impressed. This is an uncharacteristically long post! But, because it’s been almost a month since my last post, my fingers have delighted in flying across the keys! Until next time Frayed Followers!

Skirtin’ Around.

At the risk of fulfilling the southern stereotype… “It’s fall y’all!” I couldn’t believe the weather when I stepped outside this morning. If I could give Georgia a high-five for being seasonally correct, I so would. In fact, I was so unprepared for the chilly temp I had to modify my outfit a little.

When I sprung out of bed this morning (ya right), I put on the same skirt I’m pictured in with booties and a lighter sweater. That ensemble, though cute, would definitely not cut it today. So, I traded in my sweater for a heavier one, added a denim jacket, put on some wool knee-highs, and then slid on my Frye’s. I accessorized with pendants and some of my favorite dainty, gold rings.

I’m happy with how the look turned out, and I know it will become a go-to for the rest of the fall season… however long it may be!

Jacket: Old Navy; Sweater: Loft; Skirt: Free People; Boots: Frye; Shorter Pendant: Engrave This; Longer Pendant: Emily Charles Designs

Concrete Jungle.

For this look, I channeled my inner “grunge…” a cleaner, more sophisticated grunge, that is. The top I’m wearing is one of my favorite new, fall pieces. It’s so effortless, yet still very stylish. So, what’s not to love? The shirt can also be dressed up or down, another bonus. I opted for dressing it down, pairing the gingham blouse with skinnies, black booties, and a metallic choker. However, if I wanted to wear it to a more formal location (it’s not often that I frequent underpasses), I could pair it with a cute mini or pencil skirt. Maybe even add a leather jacket if I was feeling extra “rocker” that day. The opportunities are endless!

Shirt: Madewell; Jeans: Treasure&Bond; Booties: Tesori; Choker: Unknown.

Falling For You.

After a sweltering summer in the Georgia sun, it’s no question why Fall is my favorite season. In my opinion, Autumn is Mother Nature’s reward for putting up with crazy humidity levels, broken air conditioning units, and overcrowded swimming pools. If colorful trees and lower thermostats weren’t reason enough to start swooning, the clothes and traditions that accompany the months of September- November will surely make you fall in love.

In honor of the first cold(ish) weekend of Fall so far, I started my morning with some cinnamon tea and an episode of Gossip Girl… nothing’s better than getting fall fashion inspo from everyone’s favorite Upper Eastsiders. However, today I decided to opt out of wearing an avant-garde headband or a pair of kitten heels+knee socks. I felt a gem-toned ensemble would be ideal, completed with cuffed jeans and booties- everyone’s favorite fall shoe. Lastly I accessorized with an Emily Charles original. This necklace is perfect for any outfit because of its neutral colors, yet it has enough glitz to stand out in an outfit.

Jacket: Gap; Shirt: Marshalls; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: Franco Sarto; Necklace: Emily Charles.