When I was younger, my mom nicknamed me the “60-year-old school teacher” since I always found myself looking at the misses section rather than the kid’s, and unlike any other 10 year old, I found graphic tees tacky and cardigans ever so stylish. As time progressed, I lost some years and morphed into a 30-year-old school teacher… Lilly Pulitzer and Jackie O were my style icons, and I dreamed of the day of having a completely pastel wardrobe. Nowadays, I dress on trend, and of age, opting for a motorcycle jacket rather than a blazer.

All fabric is still in tact leading up to a frayed edge, which parallels my lasting opinions of style. For example, even though I no longer dress like a grandmother,  I still believe modest is hottest and Lilly Pulitzer makes a cameo in my closet every now and then. Despite this, my style has evolved and is starting to go into a different direction. Only time (and maybe sale prices) will tell where this unraveling thread will go next.