Alas, it’s the final post about Greece. And believe me, I saved the best for last.

Hydra is a remote Greek island only reached by boat. It has no cars or automated transportation, so if you want to get from one side of the island to the other, you have to take a horse, donkey, or walk!

Well, I guess there was ONE car in Hydra…

Only Car In Hydra
Only Car In Hydra

Hydra is so magical because of this… I felt like I was on a movie set, or in a made up world. Everything was quaint, authentic, and nothing like I’d ever seen before.

Hydra Local

“Downtown Hydra,” so to speak, is by the port. That’s where you’ll find cute shops, great food, and the most hustle and bustle on the island.

Hydra also has amazing flowers. If you know me, you know that I’m a sucker for a good bloom, so you can imagine I was swooning my entire stay.

In order to explore more of the northern, undeveloped parts of the island, my family decided to go horseback riding. This was so incredible, and I was happy that I got to experience the contrast between Hydra’s “city” surrounding the port, and Hydra’s “country” that lies above.


After our ride, we ate lunch at a cute, sea-side restaurant. Then we wandered some more along the coast. It was somewhat painful to do this, because all I wanted to do was jump in the beautiful, crystal clear water.

But, we were leaving that afternoon and we had to save time for… BAKLAVA!

Once our plates were licked clean of any remaining crumbs, we hopped on our boat to take us back to Athens. The next day we began our voyage back to Atlanta. It was bittersweet… I was so sad to leave Greece, a place full of character and charm, but I was happy to come home. I hope I’m one day lucky enough to return to the Greek Isles, but I sure am thankful for the time I got to spend there this summer.


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