Free Fun.

There’s a common misconception that living in a city provides endless entertainment. However, tourist attractions like popular museums and historic landmarks don’t appeal to the locals. That’s why my friend, Lucy, and I have created it our mission to have free fun in “Hotlanta,” in order to best discover the hidden gems that lie within our city.

Last weekend, we explored Krog Street Market and the Jackson Street Bridge. The gentrified area was beyond eclectic, and I felt so hip walking around the graffitied streets… ok pause. That’s probably the lamest sentence I’ve ever written but it’s the truth. When your go-to activities include Pinterest-ing and Gilmore Girls watching, anything mildly adventurous seems like the coolest thing ever.

Anyways, it goes without saying that you must be dressed to the nines in order to have a 10/10 day of exploration. So, to match the trendy area of Krog Street, Lucy and I opted for some high waisted shorts (distressed, of course), crop tops, and fun necklaces. We also coincidentally chose the same sandals to wear… great minds right? In my opinion, these ensembles were the perfect mix of edginess and sophistication.

Lucy: Shirt: Hand sewn by my mom; Shorts: Arizona; Necklace: Handmade by myself; Shoes: Bamboo.

Wells: Shirt: 1.State; Shorts: H&M; Necklace: Handmade by myself; Sunglasses: Madewell; Shoes: Bamboo.


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